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Indian Instrumentation

Indian Instrumentation, deals in General Automation Solution and Home Automation technology. our buisness model provides support for a great B2B platform for varios type of organisation.Isquare focuses on four key features of the company.

1)GAS:General Automation Technology this feature alows a great B2B opprtuinty to both the company and the client under GAS the company is devloping solutions for other companies which are pioneer in there field of work but need some extra assistance regarding manufacturing/prototyping of some small scale as well as large scale products.

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2)HAS:Home Automation Solution ,Isquare is constantly working to improvise their customer's lifestyle exprience by providing them product that enhance there daily living .Engineers at Isquare our pioneer in the field of home automation technology as they themselves test the product for there lifestyle be it a remote controled switches or android app controled or even a automatic door locks and Gaming mouse etc.

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3)Service Projects this feature offers a great B2B oppurtuinity to clients as under this products from Isquare can be prototyped or be rebranded for other companies as Isqure believes in being the R&D and Manufacturing hub of the country and creating oppurtunity for maketing and strategical buisness models


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Indian Instrumentation is registered firm Estd. June 2015.For any detail regarding company contact: